Real-time facial recognition using your existing cameras

  • Persons of Interest Monitoring
    Get alerted when they enter your premises
  • Video Analytics
    Respond to threats while protecting bystander privacy
  • Access Control
    Allow access to the right people, right place, right time
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Technology that fits your safety and security needs.

Real-Time Watchlist Alerting

Identify persons of interest in real-time with live facial recognition enabling your security team to rapidly respond to threats, while protecting the privacy of bystanders.

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Touchless Access Control

A frictionless access control solution that leverages the power of facial recognition to open guarded points of entry for authorized people and protect sensitive areas (e.g., server rooms).

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Why Choose Oosto

We transform your passive cameras into proactive security surveillance systems for real-time recognition of security threats, authorized personnel, and bad actors. Through ethical machine learning and state-of-the-art privacy controls, Oosto helps identify persons of interest, while protecting the identity of bystanders.

Customers of all sizes choose Oosto for our accurate, highly scalable, fast recognition, easy to use, affordable platform, powered by our facial recognition neural networks.

Superior Accuracy
Exceptional performance in real-world conditions such as crowds, poor lighting, face coverings, and acute angles.
Lowest Cost of Ownership
Works with your existing camera infrastructure and leverages edge and near-edge options, to dramatically lower total cost of ownership.
Edge Options
Deploy Oosto's Vision AI neural networks inside smart-cameras, near-edge devices and access control systems to automatically identify authorized personnel and bad actors without sacrificing detection quality.

Deliver real-time insights at any scale.

0.1% False Alarms
0.1s Detection Speed
90% Increase in Security Productivity

Putting Vision AI to Work

In today's world, organizations face evolving threats to safety and security, and an increasing responsibility to protect employees, customers, and communities. Learn how Oosto protects the people that propel your business.

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2023: The Year of Widespread Facial Recognition Adoption

Ethical facial recognition is now front and center, with leading companies deploying the tech to create a premium customer and employee experience.

Press Release

Oosto unveils new strategic direction for the company

May 23, 2023

Optimized for edge and edge-to-cloud solutions, Oosto’s Vision AI technology will power leading smart cameras and video-enabled chipsets for more use cases to mass markets.


Facial Recognition in Our Schools: Finding the Right Balance Between Privacy and Safety

March 20, 2023

Facial recognition systems are effectively automating the manual process of having to memorize the faces of potential security threats.

Press Release

Oosto Welcomes Shira Fayans Birenbaum as Independent Board Member

February 21, 2023

Experienced Board Member and ex-Microsoft Business Leader Brings Digital Transformation, Strategic Change and Technology Expertise to Oosto’s Board of Directors.

Press Release

Oosto’s latest software release pushes real-time identification and threat detection to the edge

October 24, 2022

Oosto’s Vision AI platform optimizes its neural networks for smart cameras, near-edge devices and access control systems


How Airports Can Use Facial Recognition Technologies to Improve Security and Streamline the Passenger Experience [Infographic]

December 06, 2022

See how airports can leverage facial recognition to create a layered approach to commonplace physical security strategies, including protecting airports entrances, sensitive interior areas, and the airport’s perimeter.

Press Release

Oosto Chief AI Scientist Speaks at ISC East Security Conference

November 17, 2022

“Semantic segmentation enables contextual analytics to achieve a holistic understanding of video footage in real-time.”

Press Release

River Spirit Casino Resort partners with Oosto to fortify security operations and enhance the guest experience

October 24, 2022

Facial recognition leader Oosto was chosen as the vision AI and watchlist alerting solution for Tulsa’s number-one casino and resort destination


Preventing Stadium Violence

In this eBook, we explore the benefits of facial recognition technology to the sports and events sector, and why many stadiums, ballparks, arenas and large event organizations have adopted video surveillance and access control technologies.

Case Study

Australian Turf Club and Royal Randwick Racecourse

Learn how the ATC has significantly improved the rate of detection, finding individuals, and being more proactive than reactive with potential threats.


Taking a Layered Approach to Physical Security in Corporate Buildings [Infographic]

June 09, 2022

Our new infographic shows how companies can leverage these modern technologies to create a layered approach to their physical security strategies, including protecting entrances, interiors, and perimeters.


7 Tips to Improve Stadium and Large Venue Security

September 27, 2022

Learn about 7 tips to improve stadium and large venue security.


5 Limitations of NIST’s FRVT Testing for Face Recognition Video Surveillance

July 07, 2022

Learn five reasons why enterprises should not use FRVT for comparing video surveillance solutions using facial recognition.

Press Release

Oosto honored as “Best Facial Recognition System” for Vision AI innovations in Breakthrough Awards program

June 23, 2022

International awards program recognizes standout technology provider among the best and most innovative AI companies in the world


Can we make schools safer without turning them into prisons?

June 20, 2022

School safety is a complex problem. Many argue that more “hardening” is required to make schools safer. Others argue that such security measures have not always translated to better security.


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We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities
We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities