Correctional Facilities

Identify threats, reduce risk and streamline administrative processes

Modern correctional facilities are increasingly tasked with ensuring the safety of inmates, staff, and visitors. They face unique security challenges including the influx of contraband, cyber threats, and understaffing. To successfully combat these threats, correctional facilities must invest in new security technologies that protect their infrastructure and keep people safe.

By taking advantage of modern tools such as facial recognition, AI-powered access control, and CCTV cameras linked to 24-hour watchlist alerting, correctional facilities can reduce risk and help maintain a proper level of security.

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Real-Time Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology provides jails and prisons with a layer of security by allowing correctional officers to quickly identify visitors or trespassers at the facility without manual review, making it easier to detect unusual activities and respond swiftly.

Prisoner Intelligence

Oosto’s solutions are being used to provide real-time alerts if a prisoner is in a place where they are not allowed, lingers in one location for too long, or converses with a “forbidden” person (i.e., someone that the prison deems to be dangerous).

Access Control

Facial recognition-powered access control allows officials to effectively manage movement throughout jails and prisons in order to improve security by controlling which areas prisoners can access.

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We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities
We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities