Smart Cities

Enhancing security, efficiency, and convenience in Smart Cities

As our cities become more technologically advanced through innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning, every infrastructure will need to adapt to accommodate a smart environment. Both public and private sector organizations can enhance operational productivity and improve public safety by integrating FRT capabilities.

Advanced video surveillance, including satellite street cameras to stoplight cameras, has emerged as a critical tool for increasing public safety.

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Find Missing People

Facial recognition can help identify those who have gone missing (e.g., children, elderly, cognitively-impaired, even kidnapped victims) by quickly detecting and reporting on their location in real time.

Seamless Access

Building sites, maternity wards and critical national infrastructure can enable the seamless flow of patients, medical staff and visitors – and facilitate the protection of sensitive locations by restricting access to approved individuals only.

Protecting Venues

By deploying live facial recognition cameras at entry points, smart cities can help ensure that anyone that has been previously banned from the venue, or those known to the police as a genuine threat to others, are denied access.

Did you know?

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Smart Cities are On the Rise

Smart cities are developing around the globe. The market value of Smart Cities may grow to reach $873.7 billion by 2026.

The number of global smart cities is expected to be at least 26 by 2025.

Nine can be found in the United States, according to Frost & Sullivan

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Oosto Delivers on Promise of Cloud Security and Safety with Oosto Protect
Oosto Delivers on Promise of Cloud Security and Safety with Oosto Protect