Real-Time Watchlist Alerting

Identify persons of interest in real-time with live facial recognition, enabling your security team to rapidly respond to threats while protecting the privacy of bystanders.

  • Industry-leading accuracy, even in adverse conditions, and in edge and near-edge deployments.
  • Advanced privacy settings to protect bystanders.
  • Improve post-event investigation productivity by pinpointing people with speed and precision.

Make any camera smart.

Oosto adds visual intelligence to your existing camera network and achieves the highest stream-to-server ratio in order to maximize the value of your investment.

OnWatch Modules

Oosto Inquiry

Tap into video forensics for rapid security investigations.

  • Ingest multiple video files
  • Perform forensic video analysis in minutes
  • Streamline case management
  • Find repeat appearances of specified individuals
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Oosto on the Edge

Smart Edge Processing with Oosto Inside

Deploy Oosto's Vision AI neural networks inside smart-cameras, near-edge devices and access control systems to automatically identify authorized personnel and bad actors without sacrificing detection quality.
  • Detections and Recognitions Gallery
  • Site POI Approvals
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Recognition Alerts
  • Distributed Architecture
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edge options from oosto
oosto centralized intelligence

Centralized Intelligence Dashboard

Get a bird's eye view of your entire multi-site security operation.

  • Detections and Recognitions Gallery
  • Site POI Approvals
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Recognition Alerts
  • Distributed Architecture
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OnWatch Overview

Recognizing and responding to threats to safety and optimizing customer experience is what drives security and operations teams, and their success depends on accurate and fast identification of people.

Case Study

Australian Turf Club and Royal Randwick Racecourse

Learn how the ATC has significantly improved the rate of detection, finding individuals, and being more proactive than reactive with potential threats.


The Evolution of Enterprise Watchlist Alerting

March 27, 2023

Discover how new AI cameras and embedded facial recognition represent a sea change for video analytics


2023: The Year of Widespread Facial Recognition Adoption

January 24, 2023

Ethical facial recognition is now front and center, with leading companies deploying the tech to create a premium customer and employee experience.

Press Release

Oosto Launches Edge-Based Vision AI Appliance to Revolutionize the TCO Calculus of Video Analytics

March 22, 2022

Oosto’s Vision AI Appliance transforms the fundamental economics, flexibility, security and scalability of video analytics while substantially reducing IT complexity and hardware costs.


What’s So Special About the Near-Edge?

March 22, 2022

There are a number of reasons why edge computing is starting to gain real traction in the market.


Oosto Vision AI Appliance Brochure

By shifting the video processing to a small, GPU-rich, near-edge appliance, the Vision AI Appliance now saves up to 40% of traditional GPU costs and dramatically simplifies the expansion challenges of video surveillance.


OnWatch Product Technical Overview

Enhance safety and improve customer and employee experience by identifying persons of interest through face and body attribute recognition.


The Rise of Ethical Facial Recognition

Learn about how facial recognition works, the ethical challenges associated with the technology, and how Oosto is addressing those challenges and protecting the identities and privacy of your customers and guests.


Enhancing Safety for Hospitals: Protect Patients and Staff While Improving Critical Care With Visual AI

Hospitals are the most important and most vulnerable spaces in the world right now.


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We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities
We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities