Retail Stores

Reduce shrinkage with real-time shoplifter identification.

Retailers are constantly preoccupied with trying to think of different, creative ways of increasing profits. Yet, oftentimes they do not take into account that one of the most effective ways to achieve this is simply by decreasing loss and shrinkage.

Oosto’s solutions can not only identify shoplifters and security threats, but can unearth quantifiable data and trends to better understand consumer behavior, increase profits, and enhance the shopping experience.

Customers Walking in a Busy Modern Retail Store

Spot Shoplifters in Real-Time

Get notified in real-time when a known shoplifter or security risk enters your store. Oosto’s facial recognition is both immediate and highly accurate (0.1% false alarms coupled with 0.2ms detection speed).

Deter Theft & Protect Privacy

Instead of having to memorize hundreds of faces of known shoplifters, get alerted in real-time when they enter your store while simultaneously protecting the identities of good customers.

Advanced Privacy Mode

Oosto’s technology complies with privacy regulations while giving you additional tools to configure privacy needs, including bystander blurring, dynamic data retention times, and hard data deletes.

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