Banking and Financial Services

Keep your employees and facilities safe with face-based biometrics.

Financial institutions are looking for ways to maintain their innovative edge while limiting operational disruptions related to health and security risks. Being aware of who is onsite and who goes where inside your offices at all times is paramount to keeping employees, customers and proprietary data safe.

Oosto enables financial institutions to reliably authenticate employees and notify your security team when unauthorized visitors enter a restricted space.

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Financial Employees Using Biometric Access Control Technology

Ditch the Card Key

Deliver superior security with biometric-based access control and overcome the shortcomings of badges, fobs, and passwords which can be shared, lost, or stolen.

Keep Employees & Guests Safe

By connecting to your existing IP cameras, Oosto can automatically identify persons of interest in real time and also deliver a premium experience to VIPs.

Touchless Access Control

Oosto’s touchless access control solutions allow employees to seamlessly unlock doors and access vaults without requiring them to touch a device or pad.

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