Person of Interest Tracking

Protect your people and premises with watchlist alerting.

Recognizing and responding to threats to safety and optimizing customer experience is what drives security and operations teams. Their success depends on accurate and fast identification of people. The human eye alone is imperfect, and most software that automates the recognition of individuals on watchlists underperforms in real-world conditions.

Oosto offers an automated watchlist alerting system that identifies persons of interest and their contact history in real-time and historically while protecting the identity of bystanders. Oosto’s neural nets are trained in the toughest conditions on low quality images and have been battle-tested by the most demanding users and academic standards. This ensures the highest accuracy even when the POI is not looking at the camera, located in a crowd, or captured in less-than-ideal conditions (e.g., poor lighting).

facial recognition technology on woman talking on the phone

POI Alerts

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Leverage Existing Camera Infrastructure

“The Oosto Visual AI platform has transformed and reinforced our security by detecting persons of interest, including ex-employees and known criminals, and streamlining investigations while simultaneously being unobtrusive for our good customers. Plus, the platform is super easy to use which is a real strength.”

Viviane Marie Schack Lefo, Director, Las Lomas

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We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities
We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities