Fitness Centers

Optimize the guest experience with touchless access control.

When it comes to commercial gyms and fitness centers, customer experience upgrades can no longer be focused on cursory or aesthetically pleasing enhancements. Adoption of state-of-the-art tools can have a real impact on safety and how spaces are experienced, which is paramount to luring members back and continuing to grow membership.

Oosto’s touch-free access control and automated entry screening improves your ability to attract new members by providing state-of-the-art, personalized experiences without requiring an overhaul of your existing infrastructure.

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Woman Exercising in Gym with Video Surveillance

Touch-free Entry

Keep your staff and customers safe with touchless access control which delivers a friction free experience for members and reduces health risks associated with surface contact.

Watchlist Alerting

Use face-based video surveillance to deter former members and employees (including anyone with a history of violence) from coming to the gym -- or to offer enhanced guest experiences to VIP members.

Stop Badge Sharing

Biometric-based access control puts an end to badge sharing. No longer can siblings or friends use a member’s credentials to enter the gym or gain unauthorized access to valuable classes and services.

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