Touchless Biometric Access Control

A frictionless access control solution that leverages the power of facial recognition to open guarded points of entry for authorized people.

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Streamline your physical access control systems.

Manning each point of entry is unaffordable, and the use of access control solutions that require human touch are no longer safe. OnAccess is designed to balance security and visitor management by instantly recognizing authorized personnel and alerting security staff of any unauthorized entry in real-time.

  • Allow visitors to access your facility smoothly.
  • Integrate with the most popular access control systems and hardware.
  • Ensure that the right people have access to the right places at the right time.
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“We chose Oosto for its state-of-the-art AI driven facial recognition solution which has become a catalyst for other integrations that fuel our workplace safety and efficiency, including time and attendance and thermal temperature checks.”

Tom Mansourfar, VP Data Sciences & Analytics, FGF

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Create Trusted, Seamless Access Control Experiences with Visual AI: A How-To Guide

In this eBook, we will dive deep into the 4-step process of implementing visually intelligent access control and how visual intelligence not only solves major challenges, but also offers a number of additional benefits.

Press Release

Oosto Launches Edge-Based Vision AI Appliance to Revolutionize the TCO Calculus of Video Analytics

March 22, 2022

Oosto’s Vision AI Appliance transforms the fundamental economics, flexibility, security and scalability of video analytics while substantially reducing IT complexity and hardware costs.


OnAccess Product Technical Overview

Create better entry experiences while enhancing safety by providing touch-free, frictionless access through privacy-compliant and spoof-proof face recognition.


What’s So Special About the Near-Edge?

March 22, 2022

There are a number of reasons why edge computing is starting to gain real traction in the market.


Oosto Vision AI Appliance Brochure

By shifting the video processing to a small, GPU-rich, near-edge appliance, the Vision AI Appliance now saves up to 40% of traditional GPU costs and dramatically simplifies the expansion challenges of video surveillance.


Touchless Access Anti-Spoofing

Watch Touchless Access Anti-Spoofing in action.


The Future of Touchless Access Control

Today, more than ever, companies that are ahead in scaling innovative technologies to operate faster, reduce risk, and stay customer-centric will be better able to withstand future disruptions.


Touchless Access Control with Mask Detection and Recognition

Find the right balance between requiring guests to follow government health guidelines and allowing people to practice individual freedom and resume their lives normally.


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