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Optimize the effectiveness of your video surveillance teams.

The sheer square footage of casino floors, conference and event centers, and backend facilities make it very difficult to manage security efficiently.

Oosto helps your casino identify persons of interest — felons, professional Blackjack players, self-excluders, known prostitutes, and even VIPs — helping you preserve profits, time, and reputation.

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Oosto Facial Recognition Software on Computer

Save Time

Rather than trying to watch endless streams of video footage, Vision AI flags persons of interest in real-time to dramatically improve apprehension rates and operational efficiency.

Protecting Sensitive Areas

Protect the highly sensitive zones of your casino, such as the bank vault or the control room, which should only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Track Individuals within the Casino

Track persons of interest across multiple cameras as they move through the property using highly accurate facial and body recognition.

Customer Success

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Fortune 500 Entertainment & Hospitality Company

One of the world’s largest entertainment and hospitality companies uses Oosto to protect its staff, strengthen its regulatory efforts and reduce liability related to casino fraud, violence, and safety incidents, while providing innovative experiences to guests and VIPs.

1900% increase in apprehensions

from 2 to 40 in one month

40% increase in identifications

of previously unknown threats

$1M savings

in one year

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