What’s New with Oosto?

Oosto's latest release pushes real-time threat detection to the edge

Oosto has launched a series of product enhancements which include significant video analytics improvements for video surveillance hardware and access control systems. This upgrade allows security teams to further reduce organizational risks associated with outdated physical security systems, better manage controlled access, and identify safety threats.

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Optimizing Neural Networks Inside

Oosto’s neural networks have been optimized to operate on a wide variety of edge and near-edge devices. Significantly, this was achieved without compromising on performance, security or recognition accuracy in real-world scenarios – which historically required compute-intensive GPU processing servers.

OnPoint Touchless Access Control Reader

Provide a truly frictionless entry experience.


  • Sub-second, highly-accurate, real-time access even with masks
  • Offline access with no single point of failure
  • Spoofing prevention via liveness detection, plus tailgating detection
  • Database support of up to 300K

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Near-Edge Processing

Oosto is launching an updated near-edge device (e.g., NVIDIA Jetson) that operates on a much smaller physical footprint and is equipped with Oosto’s state-of-the-art neural network models for video analytics. While the latest version of the Vision AI Platform still requires a central server, it can now interoperate with a number of leading GPU-less mini-servers.

Smart Camera Integration

Oosto is pioneering the concept of “camera as a sensor” by embedding our state-of-the-art neural networks (SDK) into the latest AI-enabled CCTV cameras. Because the image processing and face vectoring happens on the camera, these smart cameras reduce the need for computing requirements on the server side and enable powerful capabilities such as watchlist alerting, frictionless access control, tailgating detection/prevention, and other video analytics capabilities.

oosto smart security camera integration

Genetec VMS Integration

Oosto’s latest release also provides Genetec VMS customers with a single pane of glass to view real-time alerts of security threats (i.e., individuals spotted on a company’s watchlist) by accurately identifying persons of interest in real-time, even under adverse conditions. Oosto’s integration enables surveillance operators with a complete history of all POI detections (video playbacks) within Genetec Omnicast™ VMS to facilitate and expedite investigations.

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