What’s New with Oosto?

Oosto Extends Vision AI Platform to Embedded Edge-to-Cloud with Multi-Class SDK Offering

Oosto has announced advancements to the company’s Vision AI platform enabling large-scale cloud solutions operating on edge devices and managed in the cloud. Putting processing power at the edge and deploying in the cloud opens up new possibilities for solving complex, mission-critical safety and security challenges.

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oosto extends Vision AI platform
Optimizing for Edge-to-Cloud

Optimizing for Edge-to-Cloud


  • Operate algorithms on a variety of smart cameras at the edge and near-edge, and now through edge-to-cloud
  • Deploy large-scale, geographically distributed security, access, and safety solutions
  • Capture data from edge devices and deliver metadata to the cloud
  • Manage distributed solutions at scale via cloud applications

Multi-Class SDK


  • Via a new software development kit (SDK), add liveness, pose, and action attributes to existing face/body detection and recognition
  • Create composite of a person from face and body attributes
  • Use skeletal models to track persons from camera to camera
  • Reidentify persons in real-time across multiple cameras
  • Solve complex challenges with anomaly detection, time series tracking, behavior analysis, and pattern tracking

multi-class SDK
new use cases for oosto

New Use Cases


  • Smart Cities via cloud deployment, supporting pervasive physical security
  • In manufacturing, warehouse, and healthcare, detect required personal protective equipment (PPE) before granting access to a space or equipment
  • In public spaces or schools, provide unprecedented situational awareness for faster, efficient and safe response and prevention of threats
  • In data centers, protect against breaches with face-matching algorithms embedded into AI cameras to release access to servers
  • In senior living centers, prevent falls and lost residents with real-time situational awareness

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Oosto Delivers on Promise of Cloud Security and Safety with Oosto Protect
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