Oosto unveils new strategic direction for the company

Oosto unveils new strategic direction for the company; extends Vision AI platform focus to embedded, large-scale cloud solutions with new multi-class AI capabilities combining face, body, liveness, action, and pose.

Optimized for edge and edge-to-cloud solutions, Oosto’s Vision AI technology will power leading smart cameras and video-enabled chipsets for more use cases to mass markets.

In line with its commitment to continuous innovation, Oosto announced today a move to extend the company’s Vision AI platform into embedded solutions beyond the edge to include edge-to-cloud solutions. The company’s advance to cloud and large-scale distributed solutions is made possible by optimizing Oosto’s Vision AI technology for high performance at the edge and creating a new multi-class Vision AI offering combining face and body detection, action, and behavior attributes. Oosto sees tremendous growth potential via large-scale, distributed cloud or mixed-environment solutions to rapidly grow the company’s global footprint in the security sector and beyond, including manufacturing and logistics, safe cities, schools, healthcare and elder care facilities, transportation, and more.

The move marks a milestone in Oosto’s evolution, taking the Vision AI platform to the next level where face and body become one for multi-camera tracking, and new capabilities such as pose and movement are made possible via skeletal modeling.

Oosto has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, driven by accuracy and performance in real-world conditions. “Customers praise our accuracy, especially in challenging camera deployments such as entertainment and hospitality facilities, and they confirm that Oosto is the go-to-choice when accuracy and performance matter,” said Avi Golan, Chief Executive Officer at Oosto.

“We optimized our workforce to align with this strategic direction, while also ensuring continuity of service and innovation for existing customers, with a commitment to grow our watchlist alerting and access control business in the Americas, Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions. We are ever grateful for the hard work, innovation, and dedication of the entire Oosto team,” remarked Golan.

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Market Opportunity

“By leveraging efficient algorithms and edge deployability, Oosto allows customers to run solutions using 65% less computing power compared to competitors. This substantial advantage has accelerated the adoption of edge-to-cloud solutions, solidifying Oosto as the premier choice for embedded Vision AI engines and paving the way for rapid expansion via new use cases and markets. At the same time, our OnWatch and OnAccess customers have new capabilities, plus more options to scale,” added Golan.

According to MarketsandMarkets™, “The global AI in Computer Vision market is expected to be valued at USD 17.2 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach USD 45.7 billion by 2028; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.5% from 2023 to 2028.”

Oosto works with the key market players in the AI in Computer Vision markets such as NVIDIA Corporation, Intel Corporation, Microsoft, Ambarella, and Qualcomm Technologies. Oosto has recently joined forces with machine learning and edge disrupter, Sima AI, to focus on advancement in multi-camera tracking.

Move to Cloud and Beyond Just Face with Software Development Kit (SDK)

Oosto uniquely combined face, body, liveness, pose/action, and multi-camera tracking and packaged them into a software development kit (SDK) that helps organizations solve consequential complex security, operations, and safety challenges efficiently and accurately with options to deploy at the edge or near edge and through edge-to-cloud, where the SDK provides rich data for mission-critical use cases.

Oosto’s neural networks run on smart cameras, adding GPUs with smaller near-edge devices, and now, delivering metadata captured via video analysis to the cloud. New use cases made available include skeletal modeling, anomaly detection, time series tracking, behavior analysis, and pattern tracking; meeting the need for distributed security, surveillance, and safety applications visible through a single pane of glass.

Chief Technology Officer, Dieter Joecker commented, “We are uniquely positioned to succeed and meet complex market needs. Having optimized our Vision AI technology to support low-power edge devices while maintaining performance and accuracy, we are ready for large-scale edge-cloud deployments in security markets and beyond. Now, building advanced AI algorithms for embedded people detection, recognition, and tracking marks the next step in our technology evolution.”

Cloud Manufacturing, Healthcare, Elder Care, Safe Cities, Schools, and More

With these changes, Oosto puts new powerful use cases in the market, fast. Smart Cities, data centers, manufacturing, gaming, and logistics companies, and more can quickly scale security, monitoring, and other applications across geographic locations while enjoying a lower total cost of ownership and maintaining central control of distributed solutions.

The Vision AI SDK is already at work in a Smart City cloud deployment supporting pervasive physical security with live person reidentification and real multi-camera tracking. This mission-critical use case for public and private cameras can detect not only a person of interest, but can also create a composite of a person from face and body attributes and track that person in real-time from camera to camera. It can also detect actions and behavior that may represent a safety risk or a threat, such as fighting.

In manufacturing, warehouse, and healthcare environments, the SDK enables applications for detecting required personal protective equipment (PPE) before granting access to a space or equipment or verifying the proper and safe execution of tasks. These use cases ensure safety and support compliance, resulting in reduced workplace risk and lower insurance premiums.

For elder care facilities and nursing homes, the SDK can be deployed at the edge in cameras and used to remotely monitor the safety of at-risk residents such as dementia and Alzheimer patients through cloud applications. It can also be used to detect and alert on falls.

In public spaces or schools, reidentification of persons in real-time and multi-camera tracking provides unprecedented situational awareness for faster, more efficient response and prevention of threats including potential active shooter situations.

Edge and Near Edge

At the edge and near edge, Oosto’s SDK can be embedded into existing cameras and video management solutions for a lower total cost of ownership. Oosto’s algorithms are optimized for edge and near-edge deployments and are seven times more efficient in terms of watts-per-video stream than competitors. One of the world’s largest commercial security system integrators, camera, and VMS providers embeds Oosto inside the company’s AI cameras and VMS. Oosto’s Vision AI platform is at work in casinos, schools, airports, and financial institutions for watchlist alerting, enforcing secure zones, and securing access. Processing takes place on the camera or on a near-edge device reducing the need and cost for additional central servers.

Vision AI Attributes

  • Face: Face detector, landmarks, quality score, attributes, and feature extraction
  • Body: Body detector, feature extraction, attributes, and PPE detection
  • Multi-Camera Tracking: Use face and body recognition to track a person in real-time over multiple cameras
  • Pose/Action: Body pose estimation, static pose classifier, temporal action recognition
  • Liveness: 2D liveness, active 3D liveness

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of this new offering, designed to help customers reduce risk, improve safety, and enhance security. Early customers have reported significant cost savings and improved productivity as a result of using the platform, which is now available worldwide.

About Oosto

Leading organizations in the financial services, buildings, retail, health, sports, gaming, and other Fortune 500 companies are using Oosto’s leading Vision AI platform to positively impact safety, productivity, and customer experience. Oosto enables enterprises to better protect their customers, guests, and employees by identifying security and safety threats in real time without compromising on fair and ethical use. Founded in 2015, Oosto operates globally through a network of offices and distributors and is backed by leading investors including Softbank Vision Fund, Eldridge, Qualcomm Ventures, and DFJ Growth. To learn more about how Oosto incorporates ethical AI and data privacy into its solutions and processes, please see: Why Trust Oosto.

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