Protect patients and staff while improving critical care.

Hospitals are the most important and most vulnerable spaces in the world right now. As admittance numbers spike, facilities face increased safety and operational risks — AI ensures that they remain safe and secure spaces for patients and healthcare professionals.

Oosto’s computer vision helps identify and distinguish between people to control access to physical spaces and digital services, and it can identify where people have been over time and how, and when and where they have come in contact with one another.

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Contact Tracing

Get real-time notifications when a known carrier or known threat enters a facility to ensure staff and other patients are adequately informed and protected.

Touchless Access Control

Accelerate and safeguard onsite admission, limit surface contact and crowding in high-traffic areas, and allow employees to seamlessly unlock doors, turnstiles, or other entry points with their face - without requiring the removal of masks.

Internal Zone Control

Prevent unauthorized access to secure locations (e.g., ICU, pharmacy, maternity ward, operating rooms), quickly identify and segment new patients, and track their location in real-time.

Featured Case Study: Raphael Hospital

Enhancing Safety and Security through the Power of Vision AI

For Tel Aviv-based Raphael Hospital, Oosto’s video-based access control with facial recognition addresses key safety and security concerns and aligns with the hospital’s innovative approach to healthcare.
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We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities
We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities