Public Safety

Video surveillance data is the driver behind every smart city.

One of the major challenges of building a smart city is to bring video together, since it often requires breaking down the silos between different city departments. There may be hundreds of cameras for traffic, hundreds for city surveillance, and hundreds within public transport, with very limited cooperation between them.

Oosto’s Vision AI and edge computing capabilities help cities embed video analytics software into their video surveillance making it easier to spot potential dangers and recognize false alarms, and enhancing the experience of the public attending an event or using public transportation.

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Real-Time Alerts

In the case of an incident, surveillance cameras can not only alert emergency services or authorities in real-time, they also provide crucial details of the scene that optimize situational awareness.

Access Control

Physical access control that combines video surveillance and facial recognition can enhance public safety of the smart city by only granting authorized personnel access.

Protecting Officers

Protect law enforcement and military personnel by recognizing persons of interest (e.g., known felons, missing persons, etc.) and alerting officers in real-time via their phone or bodycam.

Customer Success: Reducing Crime with Vision AI

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Project Greenlight

The city of Detroit managed to reduce crime by 50% thanks to Project Green Light, a smart initiative that uses public and private cameras to identify crimes around town. The network of cameras has two functions: they provide critical evidence for investigations and discourage potential criminals from committing crimes, as every camera involved in the project has a green identification light.

50% Reduction in Crime

Providing Critical Evidence

for investigations

Discouraging Crime

with green identification lights

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