A Sharper Edge in Vision AI Security

Power and Performance at the Edge

Real-time facial recognition video analytics push the extremes of processing power, requiring near-instant analysis of every video frame. The stakes are high to get every identification right in order to immediately authorize entry of approved personnel and alert security to watchlisted individuals including security threats, persons of interest (POIs), or VIPs.

To scale power at this level, you typically need a large central server with plenty of GPUs to manage multiple camera streams.

Not anymore. Oosto is harnessing the power of edge computing and Vision AI to bring physical security into the modern age.

woman walking through turnstile with facial recognition access

Based on internal benchmarks, Oosto’s algorithms are now seven times more efficient in terms of watts-per-video stream than the company’s next nearest rival.

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Smart Edge Processing with Oosto Inside

Deploy Oosto's Vision AI neural networks inside smart-cameras, near-edge devices and access control systems to automatically identify authorized personnel and bad actors without sacrificing detection quality.


Intelligent Cameras

Leverage existing camera and VMS investments by embedding Oosto’s state-of-the-art neural networks (SDK). Moving processing to the chip-level and smart cameras enables real-time video analysis and ease of scale.

  • Extract valuable data from high-resolution video streams in real time
  • Run Ambarella’s CV2 family of edge AI vision SoCs
  • Support existing and new cameras including the latest Honeywell, Genetec, and Milestone
  • Integrate security alerts into your VMS

Touchless Access Control Readers

Traditional access control readers such as card keys, key fobs, and keypads, leave organizations vulnerable to security breaches resulting from shared, lost or stolen access credentials. Biometric face recognition, however, offers unique protection - you can’t steal a face. Oosto’s OnPoint access control reader offers:

  • High accuracy with superior performance
  • Offline access for access entry and denial even when disconnected from the network
  • Recognition of authorized personnel even with obscured faces
  • Anti-spoofing and anti-tailgating technology

The Oosto Advantage

Smart Scale

Optimized Vision AI Platform for automated intelligence on smart cameras, near-edge devices and access control readers.

Superior Value

Reduced total cost of ownership with fewer central servers, cost-effective processing at the edge, reduced GPU costs, plus expanded integration with existing VMS.

Surprising Performance

Unexpected detection accuracy achieved with decision making at the edge, even when running on compact, low-power devices.

Get started.

Let an Oosto expert show you how to protect your customers, guests, and employees with touchless access control, video monitoring, and real-time watchlist alerting.

We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities
We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities