Vision AI for Good

Smart Technology, Safer Communities, Significant Impact.
Oosto leads the way in responsible Vision AI deployment, demonstrating the remarkable good that thoughtful technology can accomplish for society’s broader benefit.

Making Vision AI a force for good.

At the heart of “Vision AI for Good” lies a steadfast belief in positivity. Our technology isn’t just about advancing AI; it’s about leveraging these advancements to protect and empower communities to do their own good.

Through ethical application and relentless innovation, we set the standard for good, delivering face, body, and action algorithms that help organizations protect people, premises, and profits.

Oosto's Vision AI at work.

Under real-world tests and customer scrutiny, Oosto proves time and again that our Vision AI can be trusted, our best practices lead to positive outcomes, and our algorithms do good. We are honored to hear stories from our customers of the good we are helping them do in their communities. Good has a way of spreading.

Casino prevents mass shooting with Oosto.

Small business catches repeat theft offender to prevent ongoing losses.

Memory care facility prevents resident from elopement and harm.

School is more secure against active shooter threats with Oosto at the perimeter and in the air.

Trusted AI, proven impact.

"We have almost 700 cameras throughout the district. Oosto ensures our cameras network is proactive for robust security coverage and incident alerting."
Kip Robins, Director of Technology, Santa Fe ISD
"Oosto's Vision AI went beyond our expectations, enhancing both security and the VIP experience, proving essential for surveillance and overall safety."
Travis Thompson, M.S.A., Director of Compliance, Muscogee (Creek) Gaming Casinos
"Vision AI is crucial for retail innovation, predicted to see a 458% growth in solutions like security applications that transition retail to a thriving 'new normal."
Tony D’Onofrio, CEO, Prosegur’s Global Retail Business Unit


Our innovations are aligned to good.

Our Vision AI is more than algorithms and data; it’s a carefully crafted solution designed with privacy, accuracy, and ethical considerations at its core. From privacy-enhancing features to eliminating bias and false positives, our technology is built to serve without compromising values.

Key features include:

  • Selective Matching and Privacy Blurring
  • Customizable Alerting Threshold Settings
  • Ethical Algorithm Design and Training
  • Image Quality Restriction and Warnings
  • Administrative Customization
  • Advanced Safety Analytics

Join the Good.

The story of "Vision AI for Good" is still being written, and you can contribute to its next chapters. Whether you’re seeking to implement our technology, curious about its potential, or interested in exploring ethical AI practices, join us.

Oosto Delivers on Promise of Cloud Security and Safety with Oosto Protect
Oosto Delivers on Promise of Cloud Security and Safety with Oosto Protect
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