Face, Body, and Behavior Alerting in the Cloud

Elevate safety, security, and operational efficiency with Oosto Protect, our groundbreaking Vision AI edge-to-cloud solution. Gain unprecedented actionable insights into real-time events with advanced people analytics.

Installation is a breeze - simply set up Oosto Protect in minutes using your existing cameras and customize your alerts. It's that easy to stay informed and in control.

Real-time safety and security alerts via the cloud

  • Save time and money by using your existing cameras. Works across locations with mixed cameras.
  • You can’t be everywhere, but Protect can. Rapidly and cost-effectively scale and get alerts across all locations.
  • Get real-time intelligence that combines facial recognition, body and behavior detection to pinpoint incidents and actions as they occur.

You make the rules.

Rapidly set custom rules that match people with actions to understand what is happening in real-time.

Want to know if an unauthorized person has crossed the line into a secure area or if there is a slip and fall in your facility?

Customize alerts by person, groups of people (known and unknown), cameras, identity, and activity duration. Receive alerts via email, SMS, and messaging applications via webhooks.

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Oosto Sees More
Reliable real-time face identification in-the-wild, even with poor lighting, harsh angles, or poor quality CCTV video.
Body and Skeleton
Multi-class model that combines body with head and face for detailed person detection and reidentification.
Pose and Action
Rapid and accurate contextual action detection: fighting, falling, running, walking, crouching, and more.
Live spoof attempt detection, Passive 2D/Active 3D liveness. Remote authentication.

Multi-Class AI Alerting in the Cloud: Live Interview

Watch this MarketScale interview with Oosto’s CEO, Avi Golan, and CTO, Dieter Joecker, discuss the Oosto Protect solution at ISC West.

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What can Protect do for your organization?

  • Get alerted to slip and falls in real-time
  • In healthcare, predict falls based on walking analytics
  • Prevent dementia residents wandering or elopement
  • Alert of former disgruntled students or staff on campus
  • Track active shooters or those threatening in real-time
  • Identify dangerous individuals before they enter
  • Identify cash scammers, theft/crime rings
  • Protect against potential child trafficking
  • Notify instantly of fighting on campus
  • Know when unwanted guests are on premise
Operational Efficiency
  • Count people in an area to enhance response
  • Identify loitering
  • Understand traffic patterns within a space

Deploy in minutes.

Once you receive your edge processing device from us, simply plug it into a power source and connect to your network and cameras. After that you will be up and running in the cloud and ready to add watchlists, cameras, and rules.

Adding camera streams and locations is easy and cost-effective with edge-powered processing.


Vision AI for Good: Our commitment to transparency and ethics.
Oosto has invested more than a quarter of a billion dollars in perfecting our neural networks so that our algorithms do not discriminate.
Eliminate False Positives
Proven accurate even “in-the-wild” with poor camera angles/lighting. Built-in controls prevent low-quality image uploads and matching.
Eliminate Bias
Algorithms are trained on a massive dataset of people across demographics (ages, skin color, sex, etc.).
Protect Privacy
Blur faces of non-watchlisted individuals on video playback. Data encryption converts images to vectors (including at the edge).
Protect Your Data
Build and maintain your own watchlist. Oosto never sees your data. Control user roles and permissions. GDPR compliant.

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Let an Oosto expert show you how to better protect your people, profits, and premises through the power of Vision AI. Available via cloud, on-premise, or SDK.

Oosto Delivers on Promise of Cloud Security and Safety with Oosto Protect
Oosto Delivers on Promise of Cloud Security and Safety with Oosto Protect
Multi-Class AI Alerting in the Cloud
Watch Oosto's CEO and CTO discuss the Oosto Protect solution at ISC West.
Watch this MarketScale interview with Oosto
Multi-Class AI Alerting in the Cloud