Oosto Technology

Shaping the future of AI-driven physical security

  • Powerful deep learning-driven AI
  • Proven in-the-wild, many-to-many face recognition
  • Performance-focused integrations

Built on Cutting-Edge Research and Deployed with Tier 1 Companies

Oosto's world-leading algorithms are fueled by our proprietary neural networks, and are designed, developed, tested and commercially deployed with leading organizations across the globe to ensure the highest accuracy in challenging, real-world conditions.

Customers, including many Fortune 500
Experts across four major geographies
VMS agnostic plus integration with Honeywell, Milestone and Genetec

Pushing the Extremes

Real-time, many-to-many facial recognition video analytics push the extremes of processing power, requiring near-instant, near-perfect analysis of every video frame.

That’s why we leverage deep-machine learning, liveness detection and advanced biometrics to build our neural networks.

1. Detection
Optimized for speed in crowds and minimal compute loads.
2. Extraction
Extract landmarks and predict quality to avoid false positives in vector generation.
3. Recognition
Generate feature vectors using advanced neural networks with robust design feature space.
4. Tracking
Track for vector aggregation results in better face representation from multiple head poses and lighting.

In-the-Wild Experts

We are the in-the-wild facial recognition experts. That’s why our algorithm and neural networks are built to perform in the harshest real-world conditions for many-to-many matching.

Oosto’s neural networks are primed for high accuracy and rapid recognition even in poor lighting, under tough camera angles, and with facial occlusions.

Built for Demanding Scenarios

Building our algorithm for the most demanding facial recognition scenarios has proven advantages including:

More Robust
Supports more variations in lighting, pose, expression, and occlusion resulting in a stronger, more reliable algorithm.
More Accurate
Facial recognition trained on a larger and more diverse dataset leads to higher accuracy across a wider range of faces.
More Use Cases
Built to reflect real-world conditions making it more applicable and relevant for real-world applications.

Oosto’s algorithms are seven times more efficient in terms of watts-pre-video stream, than the company’s next nearest rival.

Optimized for Scalability

Oosto’s Vision AI platform is optimized for automated intelligence on smart cameras, near-edge devices and access control readers, reducing the total cost of ownership with fewer servers per video stream, cost-effective processing at the edge, reduced GPU costs, plus integration with existing Video Management System (VMS).

Oosto proudly works with leading processing providers and video surveillance companies including Ambarella, Honeywell, Intel, Nvidia, SIMa, Qualcomm.

The Oosto Technology Advantage

Superior Recognition
Consistently delivering the highest accuracy in real-world conditions.
Edge Optimized
More processing on cameras (via embedded SDKs) and at the near-edge for a lower price per video stream.
Multisite POI Management
Centrally managed watchlists to track persons of interest across multiple locations.
Recognition in Crowds
Simultaneous recognition of individuals in crowds within a fraction of a second.
Instant Query Results
Fastest video search to scan and instantly find people and attributes in real-time and historical footage.
Liveness Detection
Uses spacial inconsistency and an array of sensors to create a 3D face map for detecting spoofing attempts.

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Oosto Delivers on Promise of Cloud Security and Safety with Oosto Protect
Oosto Delivers on Promise of Cloud Security and Safety with Oosto Protect
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