The power of Vision AI. Where it belongs.

Say goodbye to server-centric video surveillance.

The Oosto Vision AI Appliances brings the power of computer vision to a small, GPUless near-edge appliance for cost-effective scale and performance.

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Cut Your TCO

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Simplify IT

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Scale with Ease

Expand your video surveillance program without limitations.

Reduce the barriers that keep you from employing computer vision to its full potential. The Oosto Vision AI Appliance shifts video processing to a small, GPU-rich, near-edge appliance bringing cost savings, IT simplicity, and scalability to your enterprise video surveillance program.

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Benefits of the Oosto Vision AI Appliance

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Cut Your TCO

Dramatically lower your total cost of ownership without sacrificing recognition accuracy and run time, and without investing in incremental GPUs and costly servers. Oosto pushes analytic capabilities closer to where data is collected.

Calculate Your TCO Savings

TCO Savings

Save up to 40% of traditional GPU costs (compared to traditional server-based configurations) by shifting compute processing to a purpose-built appliance.

Power & Cooling

Unlike traditional on-premise servers, the Vision AI Appliance doesn’t take up space in a rack, consume a lot of power, or place a burden on your cooling systems, which helps to further reduce TCO.

Fewer Failures

The Vision AI Appliance is a “ruggedized” device — without fans or moving parts — offering a longer operating life with fewer failures and less downtime.

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Simplify Your IT Needs

The Oosto Vision AI Appliance features a ‘black box,’ all-in-one design that reduces security concerns and lessens the burden on your IT resources.

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A complete system on module (SOM) includes CPU, GPU, memory, power management, high-speed interfaces, and more packaged as a small, lightweight appliance.

Reduced Complexity

The Oosto Vision AI Appliance reduces the complexity of installation, administration, and maintenance and enables faster deployment.

Data Security

The Oosto Vision AI Appliance is a purpose-built closed-box for video processing. This means the surface area for attacks on the appliance is significantly less than traditional servers.

Simplified Management

Oosto simplifies and centralizes system monitoring and updating.

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Scale Easily

Enjoy the flexibility of cloud computing and the peace of mind that real-time failover is covered with Oosto's near-edge solution. Quickly and easily add camera streams to your existing infrastructure.

De-risk Your Investment

Support more channels/video streams with less cost and sidestep the scaling limitations of traditional deployments.

Replace Quickly

Easily “rip and replace” one appliance for another with all device settings stored automatically. With the Oosto Vision AI Appliance, you can keep adding appliances to meet your growth and expansion needs in a cost-effective manner.

Rely on Embedded Security

As load increases, new appliances can be brought on-stream and the load is distributed evenly. In larger installations with many cameras, form an edge cluster to allow for redundancy and load balancing between the actual appliances.

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Press Release

Oosto Launches Edge-Based Vision AI Appliance to Revolutionize the TCO Calculus of Video Analytics

Oosto’s Vision AI Appliance transforms the fundamental economics, flexibility, security and scalability of video analytics while substantially reducing IT complexity and hardware costs.


What’s So Special About the Near-Edge?

March 22, 2022

There are a number of reasons why edge computing is starting to gain real traction in the market.


Oosto Vision AI Appliance Brochure

By shifting the video processing to a small, GPU-rich, near-edge appliance, the Vision AI Appliance now saves up to 40% of traditional GPU costs and dramatically simplifies the expansion challenges of video surveillance.


Oosto Vision AI Appliance Brief

Oosto Vision AI Appliance is a low-power, near-edge device featuring Oosto's state-of-the-art neural network models. Read more about it here.


Oosto Vision AI Appliance Explainer Video

Watch this quick video to learn how the Oosto Vision AI Appliance shifts facial recognition video processing power to a palm-sized device – without any loss to performance or recognition accuracy.


OnAccess Product Technical Overview

Create better entry experiences while enhancing safety by providing touch-free, frictionless access through privacy-compliant and spoof-proof face recognition.


OnWatch Product Technical Overview

Enhance safety and improve customer and employee experience by identifying persons of interest through face and body attribute recognition.


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