Critical Infrastructure

Protect your castle with biometric security technology.

Large square footage and remote locations make critical infrastructure facilities difficult to secure. These are high-stakes environments, where physical security breaches, thefts, and accidents related to unauthorized access can be incredibly damaging.

Given this threat landscape, video surveillance, physical security, and access control solutions must come together to provide holistic, actionable intelligence for organizations in the critical infrastructure space.

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Video Surveillance at Critical Infrastructure Facility

Next Level Access Control

Biometric-based access control ensures that only authorized personnel can access secure areas and avoids the pitfalls of traditional methods.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance and watchlist alerting empowers your operators to oversee daily activities and maintain physical security and protocols.

Detecting Legitimate Threats

Minimize or even eliminate false alarms, by establishing more precise regions of interest and detecting and classifying threats with better accuracy in all conditions.

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