Oosto Delivers on Promise of Cloud Security and Safety with Industry-First Multi-Class AI Alerting

Oosto Protect is the industry’s first multi-class AI alerting and analytics edge-to-cloud solution combining face, body, and behavior alerting. Already, Protect has garnered global interest with customer commitments for 3000 cameras across 200 locations.

LAS VEGAS, April 10, 2024 — In May 2023, Oosto.AI announced a significant shift in the company’s direction, committing to the development of a multi-class AI alerting and intelligence solution combining face, body, liveness, action, and pose for security and safety markets and beyond. Today, Oosto brings that product, Oosto Protect, to the ISC West show floor in booth 26125, and to a global market eager for cloud-based video analytics solutions to combat the annual one trillion dollars lost to physical security incidents.

Interest in Protect sparked early commitments for Vision AI coverage across thousands of cameras worldwide. Avi Golan, CEO of Oosto, emphasized the significance of the launch, stating, “The introduction of Oosto Protect marks a milestone not only for Oosto, but for the Vision AI industry. Protect fulfills the promise of edge-to-cloud computing by unlocking new markets and resolving previous industry challenges such as scalability, remote management, and complex behavior analysis.”

“By optimizing processing at the edge, we are paving the way for Protect to run our multi-class Vision AI algorithms in real-time from anywhere,” remarked Golan.

Edge-to-Cloud Expands Reach and Impact

Protect is designed to democratize Vision AI technology, enabling organizations of all sizes to enhance security and safety in real time.

“With Protect, industry dominating face, body, and behavior algorithms are made simple to securely deploy. Customers from enterprise organizations to multi-location retailers, assisted living centers, hospitals and many more, can be up and running in minutes. This has a near-immediate impact on an organization’s security capabilities and safety protocols, and assures compliant operations,” commented Patrick Welsh, GM for Americas at Oosto.

Interest in Protect spans industries including retail, hospitality, schools/universities, corporate campuses, public/private entities including Safe City applications, healthcare, assisted living facilities, entertainment venues, and religious institutions.

Real-World Applications

Protect is already at work protecting a U.S. retail chain and grocery store, where cameras across multiple locations are connected to Protect and owners receive secure alerts on repeat shoplifters, cash scammers, loitering, fighting, and slip and falls. Just days after installation, Protect identified a known cash scammer who previously intimidated employees and caused significant financial loss. Alerts like these help to prevent future loss while protecting the safety of employees and customers. An immediate return on investment.

In Latin America, Protect is on duty to secure restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, and retail outlets, protecting and enhancing customers’ experiences while helping to prevent theft, violence, and even trafficking events.

Assisted living facility operators are turning to Protect to alert in real-time when memory care residents wander off-premise into potential harm, and they see high-value use cases for Protect’s behavior analytics in the prevention of incidents such as falls.

Optimized Edge Performance

Protect addresses the need for customers who need Vision AI-based security and safety solutions, but want an alternative to costly on-premises deployment. These cloud-first customers require the highest-performing, most accurate, real-time analytics globally, without giving up centralized command and control.

Edge-to-cloud computing delivers significant deployment and maintenance savings, enabling customers to invest in protecting all of their locations.

“We built Oosto Protect to do more, faster, with extraordinary accuracy at the edge. Pushing processing boundaries, Protect’s sophisticated behavior algorithms combine time-series analytics, line crossing, and pattern tracking with person identification to deliver real-time alerts on behaviors and the people responsible for those behaviors. We made all of this happen by optimizing our algorithms for great performance at the edge,” added Dieter Joecker, Chief Technology Officer at Oosto.

Edge-to-cloud computing provides significant deployment and maintenance savings, enabling customers in more markets to invest in protecting more locations. Protect is currently deployed via NVIDIA Jetson Orin devices.

Oosto Protect Explained

Deployment takes only minutes, and you can use your existing cameras and technology infrastructure:

  1. Plug in your edge device to a power source and join your local network.
  2. Login to Oosto Protect to see and add existing cameras and devices.
  3. Enroll subjects for person detection rules and/or watchlist alerting.
  4. Configure your rules and begin receiving alerts.

You can create custom rules to receive alerts on behaviors and persons. Set alerting frequency and type (email, mobile app, messaging), behavior duration, or behavior associated with a certain person or group of persons. Protect lets you decide who receives alerts including remote staff, law enforcement, owners, and/or security personnel.

  • Unauthorized persons in an area
  • Known suspect on-premises (or in an area)
  • Fighting
  • Slip and Falls
  • Potential wandering into unsafe area (line crossing)

Oosto Protect joins the company’s suite of Vision AI solutions, including OnWatch for watchlist alerting, OnAccess for face biometric access control, and OnPatrol for mobile watchlist alerting. OnWatch is being used by over 90% of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip to protect patrons and staff. Companies such as Ford, Macy’s, and Vidanta rely on Oosto’s technology to protect premises and people worldwide.

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Multi-Class AI Alerting in the Cloud
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Multi-Class AI Alerting in the Cloud
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