Law Enforcement

Enhance security and safety with AI video surveillance.

Law enforcement officers and military personnel face many different dangerous and stressful situations in the line of duty. Even a routine traffic stop could be anything but routine if the citizen is prone to violence or under the influence.

Oosto helps protect law enforcement and military personnel by connecting to existing body cameras and analyzing video streams in real time using on-the-go Vision AI technology to identify persons of interest such as criminals, dangerous individuals, or missing children.

Police Officer Using Mobile Watchlist Application During Traffic Stop

Real-Time Notifications

Improve police safety, situational awareness, and community service by allowing officers to assess the threat level of people around them in either 1:1 encounters or in group environments.

Optimized for Low- or No-Bandwidth Environments

Whether underground or in remote areas, Oosto can still provide security alerts in real-time if a person of interest is identified from the body camera or camera glasses.

Exploit the Cost Efficiencies of the Edge

Thanks to edge computing, law enforcement agencies can eliminate significant costs for servers, bandwidth, and infrastructure normally associated with high-volume video collection and analysis.

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