Raphael Hospital

Enhancing Safety and Security through the Power of Vision AI

Israel offers one of the most advanced medical systems in the world where cutting-edge treatments and patient care are provided by some of the best medical professionals using high-tech equipment in modern facilities. As such, medical tourism is growing exponentially in Israel. The country’s Ministry of Health shows that more than 50,000 medical tourists travel to Israel for treatments every year and consistently ranks in the Top Ten in the globe for health tourist destinations.

Raphael Hospital is Israel’s newest and most advanced hospital. It is a state-of-the-art private hospital recently opened in Tel Aviv.

A team of experts, drawing from best practices around the globe, designed Raphael Hospital to be technologically advanced and to provide a premium standard of care and services. It is staffed by senior doctors who are some of the most experienced in their respective specialties. Everything about its construction, for example, was thoughtfully planned for — even the types of tiles used on the hospital flooring: they come with “an integrated antibacterial shield that is 99.9% effective against bacteria, 24 hours a day, in all light conditions.”

Special emphasis is placed on a patient’s overall wellbeing, mentally and physically, and thus the physical space is designed to appeal to patients from both an aesthetic sense (to promote an inviting, welcoming feel much like a luxury hotel), and a high-tech approach, in order to maintain maximum patient safety, efficiency, and the finest level of medical care.

The Challenge

Hospitals are among the most essential and vulnerable spaces worldwide. In terms of security, hospitals are often considered “soft targets” — along with shopping malls, schools, and sports arenas — because they are high-density locations with large, vulnerable crowds. Soft targets have many access points, increasing certain physical security risks. Security professionals are thus tasked with “hardening” hospitals as part of a holistic security protocol.

Raphael Hospital’s operating rooms are some of the most technologically advanced in the world; they are specially equipped with advanced medical technologies for surgeries including the Mako robotic arm-assisted technology for joint surgery and the Da Vinci robotic surgical system.

Such advanced technologies, and the people operating them, require an extra level of security in order to protect the most sensitive areas of the hospital where delicate surgeries are performed.

Moreover, even before the pandemic, maintaining sterilization in operating rooms was challenging. COVID-19 only heightened the need for touch-free environments to help limit the spread of germs.

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Our Solution
The hospital’s advanced access control and video monitoring technologies were incorporated from the very start of its operations, using the hospital’s existing CCTV cameras.

According to Raphael Cohen, Operating Room Manager for Raphael Hospital, “We had a lot of challenges. We wanted to build the most updated hospital.”

Raphael Hospital wanted to incorporate facial recognition based technology for a few reasons, including protecting people, patients, and physical assets.“ Face-based access control plays an essential role in infection control protocols while keeping highly sensitive areas of the hospital, such as operating rooms, restricted to authorized personnel at all times. Hands-free and automated access allows hospital staff to not be required to touch any buttons to open doors while reducing contamination as much as possible and defining exactly which staff could travel within specific areas of the hospital.
surgeon walking through access control system

"Oosto’s OnAccess solution gives the staff, doctors, and nurses a sense of belonging in the hospital…they’re an essential part of the hospital, and when the hospital recognizes them, and the doors open - it’s effortless for them to get about."

Raphael Cohen, Operating Room Manager, Raphael Hospital

The Results

Now, with Oosto’s facial recognition technology, surgeons and support staff can benefit from gaining frictionless access to the most sensitive areas of the hospital without having to touch any surfaces.

Contamination is avoided, patients and staff are kept safe from unauthorized access to restricted areas of the hospital, and the frictionless, face-based access control in the hospital contributes to the overall perception of Raphael Hospital as a world-leading and cutting-edge healthcare provider.

Oosto is a proud technology partner of Raphael Hospital.

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