7 Challenges Casinos Need To Overcome To Stay Ahead Of The Game

Managing a casino is not easy. Operators are tasked with monitoring and ensuring thousands of patrons are following industry-specific rules and regulations as they move about an expansive space. An error in oversight can cost the casino thousands, and providing world-class customer service is essential in such a competitive industry. A casino needs to properly manage these challenges as well as invest in new technologies to gain a leg-up in their operations. Some of these challenges include:

Challenge 1

Knowing Who the Bad Actors Are

Preventing card counting, cheating, or hacking is hard. Being able to identify who attempted to or successfully targeted your casino is the first step in preventing these types of occurrences from happening. An advantage player can cost a casino tens of thousands of dollars in payouts, so it’s important to ensure they are identified in the facility before they can do any harm.

Challenge 2

Establishing Proper Communication Channels Between Security Teams

In a world where time is of the essence, a lack of direct information sharing from surveillance to security can lead to extraordinary losses for a casino. The surveillance team is in the control room and is responsible for identifying threats before they occur, but it’s very difficult for a human to identify every person that enters the facility across all cameras and properly communicate these findings with the security team. This constant need for over-communication results in operational friction and leads to security procedures that take more time, require more people, and work less efficiently.

Challenge 3

Protecting Sensitive Areas from Unauthorized Individuals

There may be areas of your facility, such as the bank vault or the control room, that are extremely sensitive and should only be accessed by specific personnel or employees of the casino. Security must be alerted right away if a non-authorized individual enters – or even attempts to enter – these areas.

Challenge 4

Preventing Self Excluders from Entering the Casino

While the impact can vary depending on local laws, it’s safe to say that allowing self-excluders to gamble in your casino can create significant liability and costs for your casino.

Challenge 5

Eliminating Violence, Loitering & Solicitation

Local offenders are nothing new for casinos, yet their continued presence puts a tremendous amount of pressure and stress on security personnel whose job is to ensure guests feel safe and protected without disrupting their experience on the casino floor or surrounding property.

Challenge 6

Creating Superior Experiences for Visitors

We all know the competition is fierce these days. Gamblers and slot players will gravitate to casinos that offer perks and provide the most enhanced gambling experiences. Being frequently asked to show ID, requiring membership and VIP key cards to keep track of points, and seeing dozens of security personnel at every station tends to worsen the ambiance of a casino.

Challenge 7

Adhering to COVID Regulations & Helping Guests Feel Safe

Wearing a mask and social distancing are important measures to reduce contamination. Having the ability to ensure guests are keeping their masks on is crucial to ensuring the safety of guests. However, simply issuing mask mandates and “Stay 6 Feet Apart Signs” aren’t enough when operating a casino that hosts hundreds of people at a time. Being able to track who was contaminated and trace who they were in contact with can help your casinos limit exposure, keep employees and visitors safe, and comply with ever-changing COVID-19 quarantine regulations. How Oosto can help:

Using Access Point AI to Solve These Challenges

Access Point AI leverages state-of-the-art computer vision technology to help protect an organization’s physical access points. By identifying both authorized personnel and persons of interest in real-time — whether VIPs or bad actors — modern enterprises can layer in additional protection & operational insights to improve the customer experience. More specifically, here’s what Access Point AI can do:

  • Allow you to receive real-time alerts whenever a bad actor or self-excluder enters your casino, non-authorized individual attempts to access a secured area, or a visitor removes his or her mask while indoors.
  • Seamlessly and cost-effectively offer entry and benefits to visitors without requiring them to use key cards, membership chips, or any other physical device.
  • Communicate efficiently and keep surveillance and security team members up-to-speed on everything that goes on “on the floor” in real-time.
  • And so much more.

Reduce your operational overhead, utilize a single platform for all your security needs, and streamline your casino’s operational success by taking advantage of new recognition technology that handles the hard work for you.

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We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities
We're extending our Vision AI platform to the cloud with new multi-class AI capabilities