Handling Privacy Questions

Widespread adoption of AI will not occur unless software vendors ensure an ethically developed system that is both accurate and reliable. Oosto is committed to the ethical development of Artificial Intelligence and this principle sits at the heart of our design process.

Whether it be developing balanced data sets, building privacy features within our software, or supporting regulation of the industry at large, Oosto understands that those who are at the forefront of cutting-edge AI are accountable for laying the foundations for an ethical future. Therefore, Oosto’s technology was engineered to comply with global privacy regulations while also giving operators the tools to protect privacy and ensure compliance. Some of the privacy features Oosto provide include face blurring of non-targeted faces (GDPR mode), privacy mode, dynamic data retention and strict encryption standards.

Anonymous Processing

Our software extracts, stores and analyzes mathematical vectors rather than facial images. In fact, our entire system can operate without displaying any facial images.

Privacy Mode

Operators can choose to ignore all non-enrolled or “unknown” individuals. With Privacy Mode turned on, our system collects less information than a VMS. If you are not on a watchlist, you are not being detected by our system.

Face Blur

On video playback, all faces in the field of view, besides the person of interest, are immediately blurred. With Face Blur turned on, individual’s faces that an operator does not care about will be blurred, preventing the operator from seeing faces that are not relevant to the investigation.

Delete, Search, and Watchlist Controls

Operators can easily search, trace or delete records of individuals. Data deletion can be set to automatically delete detection or watchlist types after a certain time allotment. These rules can be customized which allows operators to gain complete control over their watchlist.

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Oosto Delivers on Promise of Cloud Security and Safety with Oosto Protect
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