Taking a Layered Approach to Physical Security in Corporate Buildings [Infographic]

As the economy begins to open up and people around the world return to work, it’s critical to have security processes and solutions in place that keep employees and visitors feeling safe, comfortable, and confident.

Physical security has become even more important with the growth of hybrid attacks. In targeted hits, attackers will frequently leverage physical threat vectors in order to bypass digital controls. Corporate buildings have had to bolster their cyber defenses, but this could be leaving the door open to criminals who will often resort to the old-fashioned break-and-enter and then attack the system from the inside.

Some of the most significant protections firms can put into place start with the security of a physical location. Properly securing an office can help to mitigate and reduce threats, protect intellectual property, and reduce the downtime associated with security breaches. The emergence of biometric-enriched technologies such as video surveillance and access control can go a long way in making a business physically more secure.

A well-designed access control system should allow people to go about their daily lives freely, but still provide peace of mind when it comes to security needs. Regardless of the ease of a given technology, it must provide an adequate level of protection to eliminate unauthorized access to keep your people, premises, and intellectual property safe. At the same time, biometric-based access control and AI-enriched video analytics can reduce wage-spend on security guards, transform real-time monitoring into intelligent alerting, and deliver a friction-free experience for employees, tenants and visitors.

Our new infographic shows how companies can leverage these modern technologies to create a layered approach to their physical security strategies, including protecting entrances, interiors, and perimeters.

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